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MHR wants to THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy day to check our embryos, semen and cattle we have in our herd and also items we have For Sale.

Welcome to
Moore's Hilltop Ranch

A New Standard in Ranching

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Meet the
Moore Family

Six Generations of Agriculture in Parker County Texas USA

This ranch was homesteaded by the Woody family in 1857 with the land deed being signed by Sam Houston. This is a Texas Historical Ranch and in 2007 the ranch was certified by the commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Family Land Heritage Program for being maintained in continuous agriculture operation by the same family for over 150 years. The registered cattle business did not start on the ranch until 1965 when Paul bought four registered Angus heifers and a registered bull from the Hill Ranch in Springtown, TX. using money made while hauling hay. The animals were shown at local shows and the registered herd multiplied. While attending college at Texas A&M in the early 70’s there were some new breeds introduced to the United States and brought to our attention. So after consideration of the breeds M.B. and Bettie Moore decided to invest in the Simmental cattle business. This new

experience was very unique to the Texas landscape but worked really well with the Angus and as a purebred seed stock operation. The first Moore’s Hilltop FULLBLOOD Simmental was purchased in 1979 and then we started using artificial insemination and embryo transfer to

increase and speed up the fullblood and purebred operation. In 1987 the entire family  including M.B., Bettie, Tanya and Paul visited the Simme River Valley in west-central Switzerland, Germany and Austria to research and visit the homeland of our new found breed. The herd reached over a 150 head cow/calf operation prior to the passing of the anchor of the operation, M.B. Moore in 1990 while burning pastures in the spring. From that day Bettie Moore, Tanya Moore McLerran and Paul Moore tried to do what one man did daily plus carry on their positions in the operation but it was a hard to do. So the cattle operation was a small herd until the grand kids decided to show in 2015 and we picked up where we left off plus in 2018 we decided to add Wagyus to the ranch by buying embryos from foundation animals brought from Japan. Today our herd consists of donors and recips of both the Simmental and Wagyu breeds.

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Everything We Offer




We specialize in selling show calves, embryos and USDA beef. With the availability of IVF along with the conventional embryo transfer process we are able to sell numerous embryos from different matings.

We also sell wildlife hunts, hay, livestock supplements, jelly’s, salsa, chow-chow with hemp and mushrooms in our future.

We are very proud of the ranch and we would like to share it with friends, neighbors and guests so give us a call if interested in seeing our ranch or interested in our products.

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