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HEARTBRAND JULIA 1736A Sire: JUDO 1223 AF6809 Dam: HEARTBRAND T0539N AF797 - A DIRECT JUDO DAUGHTER HERE ! Judo is the extremely rare and out cross 1970’s original import Akaushi bull. Judo is a valuable breeding tool in the limited Akaushi genetics pool to manage in-breeding. Judo semen is averaging $4000 per straw when you can find it. This donor can be mated to virtually any leading sire.This cow’s sire stack is as good as you will find with Judo x Tamamaru x Big Al x Himawari! Himawari is the rare original import cow who came in the Takeda Farms import. This is an opportunity to get into the Himawari 245 maternal line. Himawari is sired by Dai 10 Mitsumaru 76. This rare female gives you the opportunity to have Judo and Himawari in one pedigree.


  • HB Hikari 830 -      Hikari is known for his extreme balance of growth with high marbling and carcass traits.. Hikari is a foundation bull sired by the Japanese legend Dai 10 Mitsumaru that is still being strongly used in the BIG TIME herds today. He is a son of Japanese legend, Dai 10 Mitsumaru 76 who also sired breed legends Big Al, Kaedemaru, and “the Elephant Cow” Heartbrand T0504E. Hikari is a leading proven sire of sons having produced elite bulls such as WSI Umemaru, TWA Kajikari, Kotsukari, and Heartbrand Hercules 2619A! Hikari is still being used in many herds because his genetics have remained useful for almost 20 years. A go-to sire line for calving ease and maternal strength. Hikari will leave his legacy on the breed for a very long time. His genetics have remained important because his offspring excel on the rail. Big Al was the first bull born outside of Japan in January of 1995. He is almost a full brother in blood to Hikari being sired by Dai 10 Mitsumaru and out of a Namimaru daughter (Akiko). One of the most popular foundation sires for many reasons. The proof is in his progeny.                    

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